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Why hire Sean Dooley, a Professional Real Estate Photographer?

A picture is worth a thousand words. As a professional Real Estate Agent, you want your listing to express and represent the best first impression-generating a quicker sale-and therefore, more referrals! As a professional Real Estate photographer, I can capture the best lighting and special angles to show off your Seller's entire house-interior and exterior- creating and igniting the desire for Buyers to want to make the featured house their new home!


Studies show that Real Estate Listings, which include professional photographs, generate an average of 139% more views compared to similar listings without professional photos. Choosing a professional photographer like me to assist you is a win-win partnership! Since you are an Agent in today's challenging market, I know how very busy you are. My goal is for you to spend your time and talent focusing on service to your clients, along with the many other aspects of the Listing transaction, while I commit to taking the most exceptional snapshots that stand out from the competition and truly "paint the picture" of your Listing- please see the two photographs below-which one is truly worth a thousand words?

Real Estate Photography
Professional Real Estate Photography