Scheduling Sean's Professional Photography Session



To book an appointment, I can be reached via email or phone. If you choose to contact me via email, you can either use the contact form located in the "Contact" page or email me directly through the email link located at the bottom of the page. Please allow 24 hours for a response, however I normally respond right away. 

About Additional Services


Are you interested in an "elevated" photograph for your Listing? Are you curious about the benefits of a "twilight" shoot? For those Agents who are wondering what these additional services entail, I have provided photographs to show you the difference of each service. 

This photograph is a basic frontal shot of a house in Newtown Square, PA. 

This image shows the twilight shoot. I will provide you with several photographs from the twilight time period. Each photograph will have various degrees of lighting over that time frame. You will be able to select several choices of photographs from this additional option. 

The final snapshot is an example of an elevated shoot. As you can see, there is a significant difference between the first one and the elevated photograph. The elevated image gives the house an impressive presence on the property and "shows off" the surrounding yard. 

Enfuse Photographs 



Enfuse photography is the process of combining several photographs together to achieve the most dynamic portrayal and range into one single photograph. This Enfuse feature highlights each and every room because the best lighting awakens the optimal details within.


Below is an example of the enfuse process: The first three photographs are basic with no editing. Each photograph is taken with a different camera setting to capture various details. The first image is overexposed, the second one is underexposed. The third and final photograph is the mid-point. The amazing final image reflects the three exposures combined together. What a difference the enfuse feature brings to enhance and amplify the image's message! 


Aerial Shoots 

Aerial shoots are great for homes with large yards, a pool, great views, or if you just want to stand out. 

Virtual Tours


    Virtual Tours are becoming very popular with realtors these days. They are great alternatives to individual photographs because they allow the buyer to view the house in a unique and convenient way.

    I currently offer a photo slideshow virtual tour. This includes photographs taken of the property which are put together into a video slideshow with music. This can be chosen after the shoot has taken place.