737 Waverly Rd, BrynMawr

I shot this house which is located in BrynMawr, PA. It is probably my favorite house that I've shot so far. It's not the biggest but what makes it interesting is the floor plan. I loved the open floor plan that the house had. This house is 6 bedroom, 6 baths and is around 6500 sq. ft. The backyard is very spacious and it has a 3 car garage. As you can tell from the photographs, it's very open on the inside and has very large bedrooms.

My favorite room was probably the kitchen, it's very open and has 2 dining rooms connected to it. It also gets lots of light throughout the day which is always nice. The realtor, Patrick Clark, was very nice and was very helpful throughout the entire photo shoot. The only drawback of this house is that the front of the house doesn't see much sun. But for the wonderful interior, it's a great tradeoff. Photos

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